About Pollyanna Costa

Pollyanna Costa is an Intuitive, an  Astrologer, a Dream Worker, teacher and artist. She has a deep love and reverence for the rich language of Astrology of which she has been an avid student since her teen years,taking many classes and workshops in many subjects, including astrology, tarot, dreams spirituality,shamanism, developing intuition etc. Master Astrologer Rio Olesky M.A.is her primary astrological mentor. As a teacher herself now, Pollyanna truly delights in sharing her knowledge and love of this ancient intuitive art. Lover of beauty and magic,she has been fascinated with the imaginal realms and all things mystical  and mysterious since a very young age and has a very active dream life which she has been journaling since childhood.

She has been assisting others intuitively with astrology, dreams, tarot and other divinatory modalities for many years. Her approach is respectful, non-judgmental, intuitive and spiritual, with self-empowerment as an important element in her relationship with her clients.

Pollyanna continues her studies and is a regular participant in local astrology, dream  and shamanic groups, and facilitates an ongoing dream group. She considers it an honor and a sacred trust to assist you in your journey of self-exploration and personal growth.

All sessions are completly confidential!

Pollyanna is available for private consultations for individuals, couples and families. group events, public speaking, teaching and private tutoring and mentoring.

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